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DIY Pegboard

So I've seen these babies floating around Pinterest for some time now. I LOVE THEM! And today is the day I finally made one. In between painting sings and waiting for the paint to dry, I whipped one up. I had all the supplies on hand because I knew eventually I would make one. So here it is.

pegboard shelf

Pegboards will look absolutely amazing anywhere you put them and they are just as functional as they are beautiful. The pegs and shelfs are removable so you can mix and match until your hearts content. They can be used to display your home decor like I have done or they can be used for organizing many different things like your kitchen utensils, craft room suppies, garden tools and so much more.

wall pegboard

Happy Thanksgiving Printable available here. I printed it on canvas and made a cute little slat frame for it and used some green ribbon to hang it.

pegboard organizer

Cute thankful printable available here for free!

pegboard with shelves

This little basket is perfect for holding extra pegs when not in use. Basket is Better Homes and Gardens from Walmart.

large pegboard

Onto the very easy instructions to make your own pegboard.

diy pegboard instructions

My pegboard is 2 feet wide by 3 feet high and 3/4 inch thick. You can make any size you want. I used dowels that were 7/8" diameter.

Start by figuring out the spacing of your holes. Decide how many pegs you want. Evenly measure and place your dots on the outer edge (as shown in the photo).

Next, take your straight edge and draw your lines to create a grid. Once you have your grid your ready to drill your holes. Whatever size your dowels are use that size drill bit. In my case I used a 7/8" drill bit. You want it to be the same size because you want the dowel's to be nice and snug in the holes. When drilling make sure to drill straight down so the holes don't become larger than needed.

Once your done with your holes you can now sand the board to remove all your pencils marks and smooth the edges if you want.

Now take your dowels and cut them to size. I cut mine 4 inches long. Cut them whatever size you want, depending on how far you want them to stick out. You can add shelves also if you want. I measured how far my dowel's stuck out and made my shelves that wide. My bottom shelf is the same length of the board (2 feet). I made 2 shelves 12 inches long and 2 shelves 9 inches long. Then simply take and screw your board into the wall making sure you drill into the studs.

pegboard wall


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