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Snow Globe Cake Stand

Well this just takes the cake! This is one of my favorite things I made this year for Christmas! I guess I didn't exactly make it, more like styled it. Well either way it makes such a lovely way to decorate. It's such a good idea also. Instead of storing your cake stand in your cupboard until the next birthday party you can style it for each season/holiday.

Here's what I did to decorate it. I found the classic 1955 Ford Pickup, mini trees, snowman (which is actually an ornament), and frosty snow all from Walmart. I was looking for a vintage red truck but I found this turquoise one and I really do love it! The cake stand I had.

Simply lay down the "snow" and arrange your mini decorations as you like. Be creative and make your little Winter Wonderland as simple, or elaborate as you like. It all depends on what pieces you can find to create with.

My little helper! Always getting in on the photo shoots!

Makes a great kitchen table centerpiece. Group your snow globe with other items to create a centerpiece for the holidays.

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