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Farmhouse Style Picture Hanging Frame DIY

What do you do will all the photos you take? I bet nothing. I use to print most of my photos (way back when) and make photo albums, and loved it. When did I stop and why? Is it because everything is so digital now a days? Well today I am going to show you a super cute way to get those photos on display. Here is a pretty easy Picture Hanging Frame you can make all by yourself.

So your first step is selecting the wood for the frame. You can go to the lumber yard and buy 1x2 boards (or any width you would like) or you can use scrap pieces you may have. The pieces I used for this are old lumber drying sticks. (They were placed between lumber to increase air flow for drying.) They have a nice notch down the middle and gives it a unique look.

Second step, decide the size you want to make the frame. Measure the area you want to put the frame at and go from there. This one is 24 inches high by 28 inches wide. Once you decide the size you can cut your pieces. First cut pieces to form a rectangle (or square if you want) and then cut your middle pieces to form the cross. Which consist of one long piece going down middle and two smaller pieces for the sides. Lay your pieces out to make sure everything is cut to the right size.

Next step is to glue and staple edges (staple front and back) and let dry for 24 hours. You can drill holes and screw pieces together but I wanted this to be quick and easy and the wood glue and staples work great.

Once glue is dry you can paint it if you want. I painted mine white and sanded the edges a little to give it that Farmhouse Rustic Feel. After painting is done, take some twine or rope and staple to the back and then clip some clothespins on and hang your pictures. I used mini clothespins and I used some old photographs of me and my husband when we were babies. I just love old photography and decorating with them. And the nice thing about this is you can easily change the photos out. You can swap them seasonally if you wanted. Put up some old Halloween photos in October, Christmas Cards in December, Beach photos in the Summer and what not.

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