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Bye Bye Cobwebs

Now that Halloween is over it's time to clean up all the cobwebs I left hanging around for decoration. Just Kidding!!! I just never had an easy way of cleaning my high windows, fan and ceiling until now. This DocaPole with cleaning attachments if perfect for the job. It extends out 12 feet or 24 feet (depending on which one you go with) and has a variety of attachments you can get to make cleaning so much easier.

The DocaPole comes in either a 12ft. length or a 24 ft. length (when fully extended) and the cleaning kits include 4 attachments – a squeegee + washer combo, a cobweb duster, a microfiber feather duster and a flex-and-stay chenille ceiling fan duster.

Watch how easy it is for me to clean up high and get rid of all my cobwebs.

So who's ready to start cleaning your out of reach windows, fans and ceilings? I'm collaborating with DocaPole to give away TWO sets. Just head on over to my Instagram page, (here) and enter to win one.

Or if you need to start cleaning ASAP just head right on over here to purchase your ultimate high-reach extension pole cleaning kit now. Available here and see some of the other attachments available like the light bulb changer (I need this), the fruit picker (perfect for getting those apples), and the saw or broom attachment.

Happy Cleaning,


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