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New Items just in time for FALL!

While summer is of course breezy, carefree, and fun, there are so many reasons to look forward to Autumn and its crisp, colorful glory once August rolls around. Some of my favorite reasons are the colors, the smells and the decorating. There's no doubt that the stunning COLORS (especially if you live in Upper Michigan) are one of the reasons to look forward to Autumn. The colors here are absolutely beautiful. The second reason the SMELLS! Yup, the smells of apples, cinnamon, pumpkin and nutmeg. Are home becomes filled with all these lovely smells. From baking apples pies (from our own apple trees) to sipping on hot, spiced tea. The third and a personal favorite is fall decorating. With pumpkins, wheat bundles, pinecones, leaves, burlap, wreaths and more! With fall in the air, this means fall decorating is upon us! Here shown are a few signs to compliment your fall decorating. All which are available in my Etsy Shop.

These signs measures 11.5 inches high by 12.5 inches wide. All signs come with a wire on back for hanging. This FALL Collection has a deeper frame which enables the signs to stand up. Need a different size and a different design? Custom Orders are always welcome! I hope you enjoy!

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