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How to transfer a Print onto Wood

How to transfer a Print onto wood to make a Farmhouse Style Sign!!!

Okay, so there's many ways to make a wood sign, whether it's using vinyl, stencils or painting by hand. This is one way of doing it and my absolute favorite way! It's so much easier (my opinion) than dealing with vinyl and paint. All you need is some plywood, trim, a print and mod podge!!!

Here's a quick video. (Step-by-Step instructions below)

Step-by-Step instructions:

First Step is to print your print to the size you would like. Home Printable available here.

Then, cut your plywood the same size as print.

Next, use the mod podge to attach the print to the wood.

Put a thin layer of mod podge on the plywood.

Place the print on top, smooth print down.

Apply a thin layer to the top of the print.

In the video I use a vinyl squeegee (it works best for me to get a nice thin layer on) but you can use a paint brush.

And then let it dry.

As you're waiting for the print to dry you can cut and stain your trim pieces.

I used corner trim pieces (cut at 45* angles) so it would overlap the print a little but you can use 1x1s or 1x2s boards and cut them down to size.

If using the 1x1 or 1x2 you do not have to do angle cuts. You can just do straight cuts like this sign below.

The top and bottom are cut the width of the sign and the left and right pieces are the height of sign plus width of trim piece.

Here's how the angle pieces cut at 45* angle look.

Once the print is dried and your frame pieces are stained and dried it's time to assemble.

You will want to put a bead of wood glue along the trim piece (that attaches to the plywood) and then nail it to the plywood using a brad nailer or you can use a hammer and nails (but be sure to use small, thin nails).


If your print is printed on standard paper (not cardstock) you may get wrinkles when applying the mod podge (remember to use just a thin layer of mod podge) BUT don't worry, there is an easy fix for this. As you can see in this video all you have to do is iron the wrinkles out. Use your home iron (Low temp, NO WATER) and a piece of parchment paper and iron out the wrinkles. Make sure you wait until the mod podge is completely dry before ironing it.

If you have any questions send me a message.

Printables available here.

To learn more about Printables and how to use/print them head on over here.

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Here is another way to make a sign that is also reusable. Perfect for seasonal decor! Click here for the details!


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