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How to frame a print!

Okay, I just posted a tutorial on how to transfer your print to wood using mod podge (tutorial here), now here is even an easier way to make a sign.

All you will need is a Print, some lumber for the frame and a stapler.

The first step:

Decide what size sign you are going to make. The print in the photo is 24"x36". You can read all about how to print your digital downloads here. You can use any size print you'd like.

The second step:

You will need lumber to frame the print. I used 1"x2" pieces, which you can find at the lumber store. They will most likely come 8 feet long so you will need to cut it down to the size sign you are making. (If you don't have a saw to cut them, most places where you buy the lumber will cut it for you, they do charge a cutting fee though).

Once the lumber is cut to size you can sand them and then stain/paint them or leave them their natural color.

Once the pieces are dry it's time to assemble them. You will need wood glue and a way to nail them together. I used a brad nailer. You can certainly use a good old fashioned hammer and nails.

The last step:

Now it's time to attach the print to the frame. This is done by stapling it directly to the back of the frame.

What's nice about this sign making method is that you can easily change your design and still use the same frame. All you need to do is pop the staples out and attach a new print.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.

If you have any questions send me a message.

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