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Decorating with the Grand Ole Flag

The fourth of July is coming up soon, so it's time to show off the red, white and blue! Bringing the patriotic spirit into your home is as easy as hanging an American flag.

This instant download Patriotic Printable comes with the USA Flag with and without the “grand ole flag” lyrics and a banner.

"You're a Grand Ole Flag" is an American patriotic march. The song, a spirited march written by George M. Cohan, is a tribute to the American flag. Printing this on a large scale and framing the flag behind glass creates a unique focal point for the entire room.

Even decorating with small flags makes your living space look more festive. This banner is fun and easy to make. After you download the banner page, simply cut out each flag and tape them up or string and hang them.

It can be printed on a smaller scale and still bring out the festive stars-and-stripes style to any space.

The Flag reads "You're a grand ole flag, you're a high flying flag, and forever in peace may you wave. You're the emblem of the land I love, the home of the free and the brave." It also comes without the text.

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This flag bundle is available here to purchase.

Happy 4th of July



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