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DIY Wood Pumpkins

It's Fall Time and what better way to decorate for the season with these easy DIY Wood Pumpkins. They make the perfect Rustic Fall Decor.

This is such a fun little project and there is no right or wrong way to do them. I painted mine white because it matched my home decor and I LOVE white Pumpkins. But feel free to paint them orange.

First we're going to start off with selecting the wood. I used old scrap wood but feel free to us new wood. If you are using new wood and are looking to make them look rustic there is an extra step. You will need to stain them first with a dark wood stain or you could always paint them a dark brown or black. In order to get the rustic look you need the first layer to be dark. And since I am using old wood that is already dark brown I can skip that step.

Next, cut your boards to the size you would like.

Then cut the corners off of all four sided to give it a slight round shape. Feel free to sand the edges a little if needed.

Now it's time to paint them. I used Kilz Chalk Style Paint (from Walmart). You can use any brand paint and color you'd like. If you want a more rustic looking pumpkin just lightly paint it and be sure to not completely cover it in paint. If you do end up putting to much paint on them you can sand some of the paint off when it dries.

I just love the texture of this old barn wood!

While the pumpkins are drying you can make the stems. This is just a branch I found on the ground. Simply cut them however long you want them.

Then you will need to drill holed into the tops of the pumpkins to set the stems in.

And then glue the stems into the holes. I used gorilla glue but hot glue would work too.

Once glue is dried it's time to decorate them. I used some natural twine and and few fall berries from a Dollar Store Faux Leave arrangement. They look cute with no decorations on them too.

You can style these pumpkins on your favorite shelf, side table, in your tiered tray or make some large ones and display them on your front porch for a nice welcoming.

Mini Ladder available here.

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