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DIY Paper Bats

How adorable are these paper bats? I've been seeing these cute bats flying around Instagram lately and I just had to add them into my Halloween Decor. And if you know me, you know i'm all about DIY, especially projects that are quick and easy and this one is just that. Plus this is a fun project to do with your kids!

Supplies you Will Need: Black Card Stock Paper, Scissors, Tape, Bat Template available here.

Step 1: Download the template and print it out. The bats come in 3 different sizes. 4, 6 and 8 inches wide.

Step 2: Cut the bats out. This is now your template that you will use to trace onto your Black Card Stock Paper.

This is the paper I used. It is from Walmart and comes in a pack of 50 sheets for $5 and is available here.

Step 3: Trace the bats templates onto the card stock paper.

Step 4: Cut all the bats out.

Step 5: Fold the wings to give them a more three-dimensional look that makes them come to life.

Step 6: This is the fun part, attach them to the wall. I used rolled-up duck tape in small pieces and they stayed on the wall just great. I tried to make them in a flowing pattern to make it look like they were flying through the room.

There you have it! A simple DIY project to add to your Halloween Decor!

Happy Decorating!

xoxo Becky

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