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What is a Printable Sign?

When I tell people I create Printable Signs I usually get a confused look as to "what the heck is a printable sign" ?!? So here is a quick guide explaining what Printable Signs are and how to use them.

What is a Printable Sign?

Well, it is a design using graphics and or text that is in the form of a digital download (instant download). A digital download is a file you receive from me in which you download the file and print and frame the sign yourself.

What I like about this is that it is a BUDGET FRIENDLY way to decorate and redecorate many times over without breaking the bank. I love using Printable Signs to update my home decor with new designs all the time and especially during the holidays. I like to decorate for the season without having to spend a lot of money for something that gets used for a month or two. With Printable Signs you can easily swap out designs from season to season.

How do you print a Printable Sign?

First step is to download the file. In my Etsy Shop you will find Farmhouse Style Printable Signs for every room and every season and holiday. Once you purchase the listing, the file is available in your Etsy account immediately. You need to be logged into your Etsy account on a computer or use your phones internet browser to access the file. ( You cannot download your files from the Etsy App as of 11/2019, hopefully they change this in the future)

When logged in, go to YOU, PURCHASES AND REVIEWS, and look for the order and next to the order click DOWNLOAD FILES.

Some of my designs are in zip format. This is basically just a compressed folder to hold all of the files. But the folder needs to be unzipped to access the files. This is done by simply RIGHT-CLICKING on the folder and selecting EXTRACT ALL and then follow the instructions.

My designs come with 4 files that can be printed up to 14 different sizes. Use this guide as a reference when choosing your file to print.

OKAY, once you have access to the files it's time to print. This can be done at home or you can utilize an online print service.

PRINTING AT HOME is the fastest method. You can use any printer you have but remember print colors may vary due to quality of printer / paper / ink. I have both a inkjet and laser printer. I use the laser printer when I need black and white prints and the inkjet when color is involved. I also use either plain copy paper with my laser printer and if I want a little better quality print I use cardstock paper with my inkjet printer..

AN ONLINE PRINT SERVICE may take about a week to get your sign but you don't have to worry about printer settings / paper / ink and you can have your file printed large or or even printed on canvas / wood / etc. You can use an online print service such as Walmart Photo / Walgreens Photo / Staples / Shutterfly / etc.

My large BEAR CREEK & CO sign is printed on canvas and I LOVE how it turned out!

I had this Thanksgiving Printable printed large at Walmart Photo and just pinned it to the chicken wire framed sign. (no frame needed)

Also, here's a couple of ways to make your own framed sign!

Learn how to transfer a print to wood like the signs in this photo.

Learn how to frame a print like the signs in this photo.


And that's about it!!!


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